“Don’t Just”…by Roy T. Bennett (from an older post)

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Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate.
Don’t just promise, prove.
Don’t just criticize, encourage.
Don’t just think, ponder.
Don’t just take, give.
Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do.
Don’t just hear, listen.
Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show.
Don’t just exist, live.”

by Roy T. Bennett

 author of “The Light in the heart”

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  1. Profound pointers of don’t just be a negative person but go ahead and take up the challenge. Awesome 👍 poem, Amira

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    1. So true dear Kamal! To live to the fullest, in the positive, transforming and learning… Thank you for your comment and ongoing encouragement! ❤


      1. Yes absolutely and it would be so nice no worries and surrender to God

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  2. Vihani says:

    Words ♥️

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