“Waiting for the change” by Susana @ Holistica2be (re-blogged)

Profound and comforting words!!! Thank you dear Susana for the inspiration!!! ❤


Waiting for the change

Sometimes the only/wisest thing we can do is to WAIT… wait for the things to naturally change, because they will. The wheel will turn, as she always does, and things will naturally transform, as they always do. The cycling patterns behind all things/events will naturally bring in the change. When you feel there is nothing you can do to actively change the situation/challenge, allow things to be what they are and just be yourself. Step back, tune inwards, and let things to naturally unfold. Embrace the greatness of the old adagio “Let go and let God“. Surrender and trust Divine will, order and timing. Adopt the passive Zen way of life and simply wait/contemplate, knowing in your heart that ALL IS WELL and you are/will be OK.

“And the grass grows by itself”


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  1. Love it! Let go and let Omniscience. 😉

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    1. Exactly! right? 🙂 ❤

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  2. Yes so true and things will change for the better, we have to wait and watch and as you rightly said, Amira, Let Go and Let God In.

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    1. Yes so true! That is a good mantra to have “Let go and Let God” 🙂


      1. Yes and it would so beautiful if we could practice this daily.

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  3. really needed his wisdom today- thank you.

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    1. I am so glad to hear this dear Michele!As the saying goes “This too shall pass”. Much love and light!<3

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