INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “When God Laughs” by Coach Muller @ My Good Time Stories (re-blogged)

A wonderful story!!!

My Good Time Stories

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It’s funny how things work out sometimes. There are those occasions when we stop and scratch our heads and ask ourselves, “Was what just happened a coincidence or an act of God?” Well, today’s story is one of those kind of tales…and I am sure that God had a little chuckle. Enjoy!

I climbed into my van, aka the Mom Mobile, and headed to the library where I worked evenings. Just on the highway, I got an urge to pray. Please, Lord, don’t let anything hit me!

Why on earth had I prayed that?

Okay, I’m a fearful driver. Highways, lane changes, parallel parking all make me nervous. I always prayed before getting on the road. But this prayer was so specific that I decided not to listen to my audiobook or the radio. I had to be super vigilant.

I came up behind…

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  1. My dear friend Amira,

    Thanks for sharing this impressive story.

    We only need to understand the small signs or listen to the thin voice in us which often warns us – it surely was a help of God 🙂

    Wishing you all the best, my friend
    Love and light to you

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    1. So true dear Didi! We need to pay attention to our intuition, that little voice or nudge that guides us with wisdom… I agree with you, God helps us in so many ways, if we pay attention… Much love and light back to you dear friend! ❤

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      1. Thank you very much, my dear friend Amira 🙂
        From heart to heart

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