“Expectations!” by Tanvir @ Beauty lies within yourself (re-blogged)

Another great post dear Tanvir, with excellent tips to live our happiness from within! Thank you! ❤

Beauty lies within yourself

Expectations often rob you from your happiness.

Human nature is difficult to change. One may not tend to stop expecting things from others but definitely can learn to manage expectations.

While managing expectations we have to understand one thing, our individual behaviour shouldn’t be changed because of the others specially when you are spreading positivity.

”I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in the world to live up to mine.” – Bruce lee

A beautiful quote by Bruce Lee. Says everything in that quote for a happy and stress free life. Few things to ponder around to have a beautiful life.

  • Why do you expect others to act exactly the way you want them to. Stop doing that. Every individual have their own thought process and are living with their own struggles. Instead of expecting, when you are open to any and…

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  1. Yes completely agree with this insightful post and Bruce Lee said it so truly, why live up to anybody’s expectations they do not work and instead we become depressed and stressed out.

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    1. So true my friend! Yes, I really liked the quote from Bruce Lee as well. We always try to find validation from outside, and the trick is to be happy from within…

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      1. Yes absolutely, Amira. Welcome always.

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