Spirituality from Daily Word: “Listen” (Espiritualidad de La Palabra Diaria: “Escuchar”)



I listen and recognize the voice of Spirit.

If I still my thoughts, I may hear sounds I had previously ignored—the hum of a refrigerator, a car passing by, the ticking of a clock, or laughter from a child. My awareness grows as I pay attention to the present moment.

Hearing and listening are not exactly the same. I hear the birds as they carry on their conversations with each other. I listen carefully to another person expressing thoughts and feelings. I interact with them as I grow to understand them better. I am not listening to respond with my own story, but rather to connect with them in a spirit of compassion and understanding.

I listen to the ideas that come to me from Spirit in meditation and prayer. I recognize the inner knowing of Spirit and follow the guidance I receive.

For God alone my soul waits in silence.—Psalm 62:1



Escucho y reconozco la voz del Espíritu.

Si aquieto mis pensamientos, puede que escuche sonidos que había ignorado anteriormente: el zumbido del refrigerador, el tic tac de un reloj o la risa de un niño. Mi conciencia aumenta a medida que presto atención al momento presente.

Oír y escuchar no son exactamente lo mismo. Oigo el trinar de los pájaros mas escucho cuidadosamente a una persona que expresa sus pensamientos y sentimientos. Interactúo con ella para comprenderla mejor. No escucho para responder, sino más bien para establecer una conexión con un espíritu afable y compasivo.

Al orar y meditar, presto atención a las ideas que vienen a mí del Espíritu. Reconozco la sabiduría divina en mi interior y sigo la guía que me ofrece.

En Dios solamente espera en silencio mi alma.—Salmo 62:1


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  1. LindaP says:

    This is so true! hearing and listening are to separate things! Thanks for the reading Amira! Love &hugs, Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Linda for your ongoing support and encouragement, and your beautiful comments! Much love and hugs back! ❤


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