ZEN POEMS: “Bird Bath”



Bird Bath

Only this
matters: this ecstatic

this standing on stick-
thin legs where the singing
creek pools at the lip
of the waterfall

only this
chest diving to meet
its reflection

this beak piercing
again and again that quivering
surface, these wings half-
unfolding, a ruffle

of joy guiding rivers
of light a tumble
of droplets dressed
in rainbows along your hidden

shattering all
decorum beneath
blue branches in quiet

assent. . .

by Elizabeth Reninger

US (1963 – ) Timeline

Image result for images cardinal bird bath

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  1. Gorgeous words of Zen poetry, Amira. Marvelous and look at the bird too good.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! ❤


      1. Welcome always dear Amira

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  2. LindaP says:

    I love watching birds take a bath! Great poem and wonderful photo Amira!

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    1. Thank you Linda! Oh! We loved them too! There is such a contagious joy and zest in the simple pleasures of life! We have a humming bird that discovered our bird bath, and he is such a cutie, dancing around the water, while he bathes himself!!! ❤


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