Brief excerpt from the Book “The Prophet’s Candle” by Daniel: – “The ant and the stars”…

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The ant and the stars…


And upon an evening, long after the sun had kissed  the earth farewell, did the child speak unto the Mystic:

“How many are the stars upon this night, and oh so small and meaningless do I feel beside the vastness of their splendor.”

But the Mystic answered:

The selfsame power that created Eternity’s stars, breathe life into your very soul, and out of His sacred clay did he Potter give your spirit unto form.

Beside the ant, you stand as the starry heavens, 

and beside the stars, you are as the ant;

and know this little one, above all else:

That you are the boundless drop of this infinite ocean we sail,

no less than the stars and no greater than the ant.


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  1. Thank you so much dear friend! This is a little book I recommend full hearted for its beauty and mystical inspiration 🙂 ❤


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