“Shine your light, beautiful star” by Susana @ Holistica2be (re-blogged)

Deeply inspirational Susana! A wonderful opportunity to pause and contemplate on our Oneness. Thank you ❤


Shine your light beautiful star

While reading these lines, allow your mind to drive you into deep feeling/experience:

Now, think about the stars in the night sky… so beautiful, so peaceful, so silent… quietly shinning their own light… Imagine that you are one of them and fly above, hang high in the sky… in stillness and far, you are peacefully sparkling your own light… at peace with yourself, at peace with all the stars around you… each one has its own place, its own light… all so peaceful and silent… contributing to a beautiful cosmic canvas, creation of the Divine.

Internally, you are a sparkling, tiny star of divine light… we all are… together we belong to the spiritual constellation of the Divine. All stars are special, necessary and invaluable. The constellation is not complete if one/some of the stars are missing or quit to shine. The stars don’t fight/envy/deceive each other, actually they just…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, my dear friend Amira 🙂

    We all are a unique universe ourselves – dancing universes in the rhythm of life change

    Hugs and love

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    1. So true dear Didi!!! “As above so below”. 🙂 Thank you dear friend! Much love and hugs back to you! ❤

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      1. Thanks, dear Amira 🙂
        Have a relaxing day
        From heart to heart

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  2. Beautiful and excellent words of being who we really are, Amira and such a fine read, too good.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal for your beautiful comment! ❤

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