POEMS: “When Petals Fill the Air” by Michele @ rabbitpatchdiary.com (re-blogged)


When Petals Fill the Air

via When Petals Fill the Air


Today, outside the window,  just floating in the air.

I saw a “flock of  dainty wings” , and went to see them there.

I thought to write a poem about pink butterflies-

but when I went to take a look, I got a sweet surprise.

For it was a “flock of petals” flying in the breeze,

that surely came unfastened, from a grove of cherry trees!

The air got still and all the petals rained upon the grass.

Where they fell, I saw some violets, I may otherwise, have passed.

I will not rush in springtime, when the days are mild and fair-

For violets bloom in springtime, and “petals fill the air”.



by Michele @ https://rabbitpatchdiary.com/category/poetry/page/1/

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  1. I was just thinking of this poem, this week! It is the time of “April rain” after all-thank you dear!


    1. Thank you Michele for your beautiful poem!!!! It’s my honor to re-blog it! ❤ Have a wonderful Spring!<3

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