Our Planet Earth – A Video from UpliftTV-(re-blogged) by Anita @ One Light. One Source. (23 min video)

via Our Planet Earth – A Video from UpliftTV

This is a moving video to watch. Published by UpliftTV, it portrays seventeen Astronauts and Cosmonauts from ten countries who eloquently describe how going into space changed their relationship to our planet Earth.

The video is about 23 minutes in length, and the link can be found here .

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  1. Thank you very much, dear Amira for reblogging this wonderful video 🙂

    This is my comment I have sent to Anita:

    “Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful impressive video – reminding us to take care of our home as an oasis in the huge depths of the universe. Once we can see our earth from a certain distance we become aware that we are all living in the same boat/ship called earth – I wish that this consciousness goes deeply in every heart that we all belong to one family and that it is our duty and responsibility to take care that no “water” will enter our boat. May mankind awake…”

    All the best, my friend
    In Oneness and unity

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    1. This is so true dear Didi! Those that enrich themselves at the cost of our planet, think that they will not be touched by the climate change, by the devastation, tsunamis, and natural disasters…. we are all breathing the same air that they pollute with chem trails, eating the same GMO food, drinking the same polluted water…. It’s our Home, and it’s time we clean it up and realize we are in it together!
      As the rich hope to send private rockets to another planet so the can colonize it, terraform it , and once again destroy it, why not invest some money in cleaning up the one we have which is already Beautiful and teeming with precious Life!!!!???
      Thank you dear friend for your insightful contribution!
      In love and Oneness,

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      1. The reason for such a disaster we see in the whole world – lies within us, it the ego and mind that thoughtlessly exploit the earth, everything to gain personal advantages. Only when we can free us from the clutches and tentacles of our mind – then we may become conscious enough to bring a change to this world. More and more people are now on their way to make this change possible…

        In Oneness and love

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        1. It’s sadly very true….I hope so dear Didi, hat there are enough people ready to make those changes… The future of survival depends on it!
          In love and Oneness,

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