SPIRITUAL POEMS: “Jesus: Then & Now” by Trina Graves


Photo credit: Sacred heart of Jesus Painting

Jesus: Then & Now

The Universe continually expands
Throughout all time and space
Stars and planets evolve
And so too, the human race

Two thousand years ago
Jesus was physical on Earth
Heralding a great change
Starting with a miraculous birth

A planet of duality
Both the dark and the light
He came to show us all
A way to live right

His life was not easy
Before the Light of His Way
Became part of Earth’s history
His Presence always to stay

Guidance He taught
In the ways of the old
Parables were preached
As stories were told

A pure and gentle shepherd
Tending and guiding His flock
Peace and Unconditional Love
Steadfast as a rock

Forgiveness, compassion
Peace, Joy and Love
Living from the heart
Raises Spirits high above

He died on the cross
A symbol that was then took
To be used as a manoeuvre
In the writings of the Book

We all have freewill
To decide the truth of it all
Some will deny His existence
Others surrender all to His call

But do you question the dogma
Various religions have taught
Focusing on death and sin
How can the Light be brought?

Did He really ‘die for us’
And is He the ‘Only Way?’
Belief is a powerful thing
Enabling rules to obey

Imagine for a moment
If He was here today
Would things be different
Or end up the same way?

A man who speaks only
Of Love, Peace and Light
In the media’s hands
Would his future be bright?

‘I Am God’ and ‘Heal The World’
Two different men come to my mind
Both ridiculed for decades
The controlled media is rarely kind

What if He produced miracles
Would that prove His worth?
But, those who choose to see, know
They happen every day on Earth

It would take a massive spectacle
To convince those of doubt
Arriving in a Spaceship of Light
Could that bring change about?

But then there would be hype
Of an ‘alien’ attack
The Son of God perceived
Through a veil of thick black

So how can His presence
Physically show up today?
But, if He was here now
What would He say?

The core of His message
Has never changed, and never will
‘Love everyone, unconditionally’
And hearts with Light will fill

He has been coming to many
Throughout two thousand years
Not in groups to preach
But to each silently He nears

Feeling the All-Encompassing-Love
Or seeing His Presence of Light
Some are blessed with the physical
Others in visions so bright

A Course In Miracles is one
Of His ways to expand
His words of the greatest truths
To spread over our land

Whatever way He comes
It’s never negative at all
For me, in my perception
That’s where the Bible does fall

Look into your own heart
And you will find Him there
At peace, patiently waiting
His unconditional Love to share

Trina Graves – 11th March 2019

Posted with permission from the author

To find out more about this poem please visit Trina’s site @


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Dear Amira,

    True the Christ power lives in us – our body is the living temple of this divine power, it lives side by side with our soul, mind, and intellect.

    Some are waiting for His return: But Jesus Christ Himself said: “I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.” – and that means: He has never left us (only physically), but His spirit is still residing in us, always. As we are not the body, we are souls living in the vessel of our body and pure consciousness does not consist of matter…

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend Amira 🙂
    Have a great Easter Monday

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    1. Thank you dear Didi for saying this!!!! I totally agree with your insightful comment!!! He never left! and we are not just bodies of matter but spiritual beings, consciousness in current vessels or body suits. How different we could perceive everything from this perspective, of our eternal souls, instead of focusing on “death”,” suffering” and ” sin” and “guilt”… forgetting the biggest teaching from Jesus which LOVE and LIGHT, that we could ALL BE like HIM. Thank you so much for you comment dear friend! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. (correction) His teaching which was Love and Light! If we followed his path, we could all be Like Him….


      2. Welcome, my dear Amira 🙂
        If we only could change our angle of view into the right direction, we would come across right understanding…
        All what is good for you, my friend 🙂
        From heart to heart

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        1. So true my dear friend! Best wishes for you as well!!! From heart to heart ❤

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  2. John says:

    Very true, I remember that Jesus told the High Priests of the time that they were only concerned with the letter of the law in the old testament (for power and control of the people) instead of the Spirit of the Law. Which was to respect and do no harm to another person (Ten Commandments). Jesus merely simplified all the previous Laws and teachings to just Love one another (have compassion) and if we could do that, then we wouldn’t need all the Laws and Dogma of the existing Religions. But then again with even all the Roman manipulation of the early Christianity His simple message still comes through for those with eyes to see and ears to hear!
    If we could all strive (regardless of Religion) to achieve the “Christ Consciousness” then we could have Heaven on Earth with no Wars, Killings, Greed etc.
    On another note I like to think if Jesus wanted to repeat his message in this day and age of Fake News and Media manipulations he would do it in a very subtle way that they could not stop or even see it coming just like before!

    Thank you Trina for a very inspiring poem.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you my dear hubby for your insightful comment!<3 I really love what you said about his teachings, that he came to bring new teachings, which are not to be mixed with the old Abrahamic religion, (we should "not mix new wine in old wine skins" as per the Bible). If we could only rise our consciousness to live in Love and Light, to simply "love one another" we would have Heaven on Earth!!! He came to show us that death does not exist, that we are eternal beings and just like him we have eternal life.

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    2. Trina Graves says:

      Thank you very much for your wonderful comment and appreciation of this poem John. I know you don’t comment very often on Amira’s blog, so this means a lot to me, especially as I was hesitant with adding this one!

      You’re right about his message needing to be done in a subtle way today, with all of the fake news and media manipulations we all have only one true access to the truth.. by going within.
      Much Love, Light & Blessings to you and your beautiful wife. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right Trina! John really enjoyed your poem very much! I was impressed with him commenting on your poem! So have no hesitation my friend!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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