Tips for Easter: A time for renewal & inspiration… (from an older post)



Easter is a time for renewal & inspiration…

Here are some ideas on how to get inspired during this beautiful time:

  • Nature walks and bird watching : they are a great way to be in touch with the cycle of nature.  Migration of birds will bring new visitors this spring.


  • Get some bird feeders up: even if you only have a balcony or a window you can use a humming bird feeder that attaches to the window (please don’t buy the red feed for hummingbirds, the red dye is unnecessary and it’s toxic for the birds’ livers). make your own syrup, for the recipe please visit my post:


  • Bring a little spring into your home: Plant some seeds, liven up your kitchen with some potted herbs, or get some spring bulbs for your home. It’s amazing how watching new plants grow can be such a source of joy.


  • Put some new life into your relationships and spread the love:  rekindle relationships, talk to a neighbor, write a letter or an email to a friend, call a relative, or send a gratitude card to someone you appreciate. Take time away from your daily routines to renew and refresh others with hope that springs up after a long winter.


  • Spring clean your mind, get rid of negative thoughts or habits, make space in your mind to bloom with new positive ideas.  Practice mindfulness.



  • Start a new practice of meditation, contemplation or prayer time.


  • Try a new recipe and enjoy if with family and friends.


  • Start a new project or crafts, decorate, or take up a new hobby. Let your creativity spring!



  • Read a new book, or start journaling.


  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.


Practicing-Gratitudeb82d796161be7a9b0e3849c39b552f69pexels-photo-207301 - Copy

images.jpg777Happy Easter card with chickens


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  1. LindaP says:

    Happy spring to you as well!


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