Music: Mantras of the Solar discs by Ricardo Gonzalez & his wife Sol Sanfelice, Group Mintaka (7 minutes)


The music that precedes this text is the mantra of the solar discs, interpreted by Mintaka, musical duo composed by Ricardo González,  and the singer Sol Sanfelice, both residents in Argentina .


Image result for que son los discos solares






La música que precede a este texto es el mantra de los discos solares, interpretado por Mintaka, dúo musical compuesto por Ricardo González,  y la cantante Sol Sanfelice, ambos residentes en Argentina.

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  1. LindaP says:

    Beautiful music and so calming! How did you find out about this Amira?

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    1. Thank you so much Linda! I am glad you enjoyed it! I have been reading Ricardo’s books in Spanish and then I discovered he was also a musician and his wife a singer, and that they had made this musical group called Mintaka, which is the name of a multiple star system in the constellation of Orion. 🙂


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