POEMS: ” The path of awakening” by Tarchin Hearn


The path of awakening is all around you.

It is the life you are living.

It is the place where you are.

It is the mind that is experiencing.

Just pause and allow the looking to deepen.

Do you have sufficient love to see?

That’s a big question!

Feel the fullness of being;

within and around.

It’s everyone,

A living tapestry of infinite depth and dimension

When the heart is flowering . . .

When curiosity is working its wondrous mystery in the very fabric of your body . . .

When interest and question are probing,

caressing, fathoming;

teasing out with endless appreciation the richness of ‘other’ . . .

When the doorways of your senses are wide open,

allowing lightness;

the joy of discovery . . .

Then . . .

We experience wherever we are to be a treasure

that bursts the prison walls of self absorption

And turns on a flood of joy,

cascading out to water the wholesome seeds of others.

by Tarchin Hearn


A Sheaf of Poems, 1991 ā€“ 2000, Ā© Tarchin Hearn, http://www.greendharmatreasury.org

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  1. Words of wisdom and divine truth in the soulful post on awakening dear Amira.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal for your beautiful words! ā¤

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      1. Welcome always dear Amira.

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  2. Great post šŸ˜

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