“Reflection” … by AnnBMAP (re-blogged)

A beautiful post to remind us of the importance of gratitude in our lives! Thank you Ann for the inspiration! ❤

Life Solved ?

Christmas is long gone and we are all well into the new year. And, naturally a song keeps playing over and over in my mind. Do you see what I see?

Playing in my mind it’s encouraged my thought process to the question. Do you see what I see? Well of course the answer is yes. We all see the same things. From the Sun, the Sky, the Earth, the Sea to your Phone, your Bed, or your Home. Everyone looks at the same thing. But my question wasn’t do you see what I look at? Or do you see the things I see? My question is more aimed at ‘Do you see the same way I see?’ Then the answer becomes no.

The sun, do you see warmth, love, light and comfort? Greatfullness that the sun has been able to poke through the clouds to say hello. Thankful you…

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  1. Such an awesome and motivating read, Amira and yes we all see differently with our eyes and thoughts. We need to be thankful every step of the way. Such an amazing picture too.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! I agree with you! ❤


  2. AnnBMAP says:

    Thank you for the reblog, I hope people get some clarity and admire appreciation for the smaller yet somehow bigger things in life X once again, thank you.

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    1. So true Ann! All the “simple little” things in life we take for granted are truly the important things! Sometimes we learn this lesson too late in life! ❤

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