“Entering fully” by Tarchin Hearn (Green Dharma Treasury)


“Entering fully”

Life is a boundless matrix of dynamic relationships. 

Ultimately, every action reverberates throughout the universe. 

I responding to you. 

You responding to me. 

This responding to that. 

That responding to this.


Responsiveness is the living heart of being and becoming. 

Atoms, molecules, organs and organisms, families and societies; 

entire ecosystems, biospheres, planets and galaxies; 

all shifting, responding, constantly changing.

Each birthing of this is a dying of that.

Each dying of that is a birthing of this. 

Responsive change is the very nature and fabric of what is.

Permanence is a mental abstraction; a hope, a need, 

a convenient but potentially deadening freezing 

of the actual creative dynamic of all our lives in action.


Suffering arises through trying to fix or make permanent 

what is essentially a seamless fluid process.


May we cease grasping at permanence and

with heartful confidence, love, enthusiasm and wide awake sensitivity, 

enter fully the great birthing/dying matrix of responsive relating;

this ineffable, un-pin-down-able, present blessing of now.

With thanks: Tarchin Hearn
Green Dharma Treasury

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