“Comparison” by Lauren @ Secret Garden Creative (re-blogged)

A very inspirational post dear Lauren! Thank you! 🙏

Secret Garden Creative

Oaxacan garden

There is one piece of advice I have gone back to again and again. There is nothing useful found in comparing yourself with others.
My dad shared this with me when I was young and it ended up being the conversation I had with one of my sons on the way to school today.

At its depth, it is really a conversation around where we direct our attention. It’s natural to look around, noticing and observing, but when we begin measuring our own experience alongside someone else’s, we will always see our own lack. And while it is fine to have a realistic sense of where we fit in to understand our strengths and limitations, or where we may like to put effort into growing, focusing on how we don’t measure up is a misdirection of energy. It doesn’t serve us to spend energy in that space of…

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    1. Oh, ok then, that is great1 Thank you! 🙂


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    Did you follow it?


    1. No, sorry, I don’t have too much time now, also I started reading a bit but is not easy to understand, maybe you are using google translate?


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        Just click https://triarianiindah.com
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        Choose flag what would you like to read


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