“Power” by Tanvir @ Beauty lies within yourself (re-blogged)

Excellent reminder dear Tanvir! It reminds me of a previous post on the wisdom of Socrates: https://amiracarluccio.com/2018/09/07/stories-socrates-the-triple-filter-test-gossip-prevention/
Thank you so much for the inspiration! ❤

Beauty lies within yourself

FOWC with Fandango daily word challenge Power.

Power of expression is a very strong expression. With in the bracket of expression I believe power of words have the energy to motivate the person either positively or negatively.

How you express yourself with words make a huge difference. Either your words can humiliate and hurt someone or they can heal the pain of an individual. But the words shared are not cheap. They are expensive. Words do cost something, like time cost money.

Words matter

If we look at our past often we remember few words that have given us happiness or have given us pain, leaving a strong impact in our lives.

  • Often in school your friends teased you because of short height by calling you dwarf.
  • Friends often called youfatty.
  • The teacher insulted you in front of other children by calling you dumpster

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