“WiFi – Fowc word challenge” by Tanvir @ “Beauty lies within yourself” (re-blogged)

So true! We all need to “unplug” from the web once in a while, to re-connect with Life! Great Post!

Beauty lies within yourself

WiFi – in today’s world it’s an oxygen. Many of us can stay without food and oxygen but not without WiFi.

Forgetting the meaning of living a life in peace. Recently I moved to new place due to my husband’s work profile. In the mode of settlement for the first time we were without internet connection for approximately 1.5 months.

Though had a mobile data but then it could be used in a limited manner. Though beginning was difficult without it but I somehow started liking the absence of internet. Though often in the evening when my husband returned from office used to feel restless without internet and I on the other hand wished for no internet connection.

As after long time got a chance to spend quality time with my partner, we had something to talk with each other. Played games after long time. Laughed together. Though I…

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  1. Such a beautiful post so much meaningfulness in it. We never had all these things in our times and were so happy and simply a radio kept music playing in the distance or news would be heard. No TV’s nor nothing and life for sure was beautiful.

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    1. So true! and now we are so dependent on all these technological devices that is hard to do without them for a short while, they have become very addictive…

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      1. Yes absolutely though for sure this technology is very good and there are advantages and disadvantages but we have lost touch with ourselves and there is so much distance which was not there. Like for example my son loves to play his stupid game if you say anything he will be so reluctant that time i feel surely this is what every parent is facing today and let me tell you, Amira he is not young but a man of 30 years. But that is life and we have to learn from this.

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        1. I hear you dear friend… we experienced the same with one of our relatives in their 40’s who could not put the phone down for more than 15 minutes at a time while having a conversation with us during our visit…it was unbelievable!!!

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          1. Yes and everywhere this is happening in friends, relatives, Amira and this is a new life which we all have to get used to. Yes unbelievable.

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