Spirituality from Daily Word: “Identity” (Espiritualidad de la Palabra Diaria: “Identidad”)



I recognize and honor the spiritual identity in all people.

Children are asked what they want to be or do as adults. Whether or not I fulfilled the expectation I had of myself as a child, I can now recognize that, with everything I do, I can make a difference in the world by living life with integrity and being true to my spiritual identity.

When I see someone in need, I consider how I can help. Perhaps my role is to pray in a spirit of love, holding the high watch for someone who may not otherwise recognize his or her spiritual identity. I rely on the love of God within to guide my actions, to form my words, and to strengthen my resolve to be of service to others in the highest way possible.

An awareness of my spiritual identity helps me act in caring ways—always radiating compassion and kindness in all that I say and do.

God said to Moses, “I am who I am.”—Exodus 3:14



Reconozco y honro la identidad espiritual de todas las personas.

A los niños se les pregunta qué quieren ser cuando sean grandes. Bien sea que haya cumplido o no con mi deseo de niño, reconozco que puedo marcar una pauta en el mundo hoy. Vivo con integridad y soy fiel a mi identidad espiritual.

Si alguien necesita apoyo, pienso cómo puedo ayudar. Quizás sea orando con un espíritu de amor. Según oro, mantengo la alta vigilia por la persona y reconozco la identidad espiritual que compartimos. Confío en que el amor de Dios en mí guía mis acciones, inspira mis palabras y fortalece mi decisión de servir a otros desinteresadamente. Estar consciente de mi identidad espiritual me ayuda a actuar con consideración —siempre irradiando compasión y bondad en todo lo que digo y hago.

Dios le respondió a Moisés: “YO SOY EL QUE SOY”.—Éxodo 3:14


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  1. Such powerful and profound words on Who We Are and our Identity in this World. Loved the picture and the post, Amira.

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    1. So rue dear friend! We are first spiritual beings, living in a material temporary reality, but we are always connected to our Source! ❤

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      1. Yes so true dear Amira.

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  2. Lindap says:

    So true! Our identity shoulnd’t be what we do but who we are! Love you,linda

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    1. I agree! We always identify with the roles we play, our bodies, and the things we do, but those are just temporary roles/ things, we are all spiritual beings. Sending you back much love and light, Amira ❤


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