SPIRITUAL POEMS: “The Rose Unseen”

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The Rose Unseen


I find it difficult to discard,
Plants which are near to death,
Failing, whatever the cause may be,
For I, too, was once near death,
Saved only by the Beloved Gardener.

The legalists, the jurists of religion,
Would have tossed my Soul aside,
Onto the heap of the irredeemable,
Deeming further care a waste of Water,
My Being far too ravaged by Drought.

But a Loving Eye fell upon me,
And a Heart of Grace was moved,
To Embrace, with Merciful Hands,
The starving root and withered branch,
Of my near breathless Soul.

T’was the Beautiful One who moved me,
From the broken pot of my self,
And placed me into the Ground of Being,
In the Secret Garden of Her Heart,
Tending me there, with Living Waters.

These days, though that which is visible,
Appears to wilt and wither with age,
Within, beyond the touch of time,
A Rose, unseen, is ever in Bloom,
Surrounding me with Her Perfume.

I find it difficult to discard,
Those encountered along The Way,
In whom root and branch are suffering,
And hold them in Prayerful Affection,
For I, too, would be discarded…

Were it not for the Beloved Gardener.


In gratitude to the author @ : https://gardenofthebeloved.com/


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  1. LindaP says:

    Beautiful,Beautiful poem!!! Thanks Amira.Love and blessings,Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Linda! ❤ Much love and blessings back to you! ❤


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