Short excerpt from “Overcoming the 8 Obstacles to Mindfulness: Being Absorbed in Your Own Narrative”


Excerpt from “Overcoming the 8 Obstacles to Mindfulness By Adam Brady


Being Absorbed in Your Own Narrative

Your internal dialogue is like the narrator of your life. It weaves an ongoing ego-driven story about the roles you play, what you believe, your purpose in life, and countless other details of your day-to-day existence. While this dialogue is a normal part of life, you can often become entangled in these stories or fantasies that you sacrifice your higher self for the ego self. You may manufacture illusory debates or perform soliloquies to your internal audience completely losing sight of one key detail—none of it is real; it exists only in your mind. In these periods of self-absorbed confusion, mindfulness gets lost in the make believe construct of your ego. And the more you indulge in this fantasy, the more real it seems. However, until you reconnect with your true self, it is difficult to regain a more mindful perspective.

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  1. Very interesting! Dr. Caroline Leaf also has fascinating teachings about our minds as well. I know that the word of God says; “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” and that rings true in everything. To free my mind from bad things that have happened to me so that I don’t have to relive them and have those old tapes playing, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I had no understanding of process and trauma but He has been faithful to disconnect my thinking from my experiences so that I can live free from my past. I am so now predisposed to present and future with the disconnect He has given me that my past is in my thinking now more like a whisper and it holds no power over me anymore. I have the power IN HIM to rise above the world, my old way of thinking, and yes; devils (there is a devil) and I used to be an alcoholic, I was abused, almost insane to the point of suicide (I know what the edge of that looks like and feels like) and it is my testimony to give Jesus credit and glory for taking my life and completely changing it! It took time through process and understanding came later for some reason but boy; it is true….and I live free, peaceful and full of joy most of the time since I gave Him control, and because I know He loves me I don’t have to worry, fret or be anxious in a steady diet of “what if’s” because He is good! He continually proves that to me even in challenging circumstances. I would rather know Him and be living for the purpose of why He put me here for His plan and destiny than anything else; He is my all in all!……been sober over 40 years and in my right mind!

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    1. Congratulations!!! How liberating to let go of our “stories” and our dramas and to get on with the business of living to the fullest! ❤

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  2. LindaP says:

    I can relate so well with cactusflower18 as I was at that point as well and after giving my life to Jesus He has healed me from past heartaches and renewed my mind heart and soul! Wonderful posting!Thanks Amira! Love ,peace and joy to you!Linda

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    1. Sometimes the hardest experiences can bring us to a tremendous spiritual healing, in which God profoundly touches our souls and changes us completely. As you so beautifully said “renewing our minds, hearts and souls!” It’s so liberating, so freeing, and uplifting. It’s truly a spiritual re-birth!
      Much love, peace and joy back to you Linda! ❤

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    2. Amen Ladies; isn’t Jesus wonderful??????!!!!!!

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