SHORT POEMS: “Time” by William Shakespeare

Time Time is very slow for those who wait; very fast for those who are scared; very long for those who lament; very short for those who celebrate; but for those who love, time is eternal. William Shakespeare

POEMS: “Within this tree”

Within this tree Within this tree another tree inhabits the same body; within this stone another stone rests, its many shades of grey the same, its identical surface and weight. And within my body, another body, whose history, waiting, sings: there is no other body, it sings, there is no other world. Jane Hirshfield via:…

POEMS: “No more longing”

Yesterday I sat beside
a pristine mountain lake
where sky and pines and water
lost their names in Seeing,
where Listening became
a single bird-song, wind song,

POEMS: “Today I Awoke” by Adyashanti

Today I Awoke Today I awoke, finally I see the Self has re-turned to the Self. The Self is none other than the Self. I am deathless. I am endless. I am free. The birds outside sing… The birds outside sing and there am I. The seeing of leaves on the trees, that seeing am…