A brief message from Neale Donald Walsch (about your gift)


You have something important to contribute
to your world today.

Every day, God sends you one person for whom

you hold a gift in your hand. You will not know
what it is until that person greets you, but you
will then know it immediately.


The only questions remaining will be: Will you give
your gift? Right then and there? Fully and completely?


By the end of this day you will know why you
received this message just now.

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  1. Linda P says:

    Remember I told you Amira about prayer as my gift? My girlfriends’ daughter called me this morning to pray for her as she is very ill! I asked if I could do anything for her and she said just please pray! I always have others calling for prayer and I take it very seriously! This poem just confirmed my gift once again. Thank you dear Amira for this message. Love and prayers,Linda. P.S. I am praying for Carlos and Venezuela daily!

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    1. Oh what a beautiful confirmation Linda! Thank you so much for the blessing of your gift, and thank you for your prayers for my brother and the Venezuelan people!!! For all those that you give your gift of prayer, may you be richly blessed a thousand fold! You have a beautiful heart!!!
      Much love and gratitude, Amira

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