“Basics of eco-friendly cleaning” by Susana @ Holistica2be (re-blogged)

Thank you so much Susana for sharing these recipes to help the environment and return to natural wholesome and simple basics! ❤


Basics of eco-friendly cleaning

One of the easiest and simple ways of living a more eco-friendly life is to choose eco-friendly cleaning products. Ordinary detergents contribute to pollution of water bodies by adding nutrients, toxic and harmful substances to coastal and inland waters (rivers and lagoons). Over time this results in eutrophication and “poisoning” of aquatic ecosystems with tremendous detrimental effects to all forms of life.

By living in consciousness, we experience ourselves as being part of the Whole. Ecological concerns naturally grow in our lives, which not only means care for the Earth, but some how also means care for the self. By simply choose an eco-friendly detergent, or another eco-friendly cleaning solution, we are actively reducing the input of nutrients and toxic/harmful compounds on the environment, and therefore, contributing to a better world.

There are many eco-friendly detergents available in the market, whether for laundry or for cleaning the floor. Choose wisely…

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  1. Yes I too completely agree with the write-up, Amira. The cheap ones have so much acid in them that they burn our hands. Good to use great quality detergents.

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    1. So true dear Kamal! We need to consider what is less toxic for us and the environment as we keep polluting everything with more chemicals!

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      1. Yes I so agree with you, Amira and we are surely polluting our environment like crazy.

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