Zen Poems: “Sacred walking: A love poem to the Earth” by Tarchin Hearn

Zen Monk

“Sacred Walking: a love poem to the earth”


Come my friend

My dear dear friend

Come walk with me a while.

My foot, my soul

Gently touching your shoulder.

Your quivering bird sounds penetrating my being.

A coolness of breath through nose and mouth

Opening – yes inviting forth my heart

To kiss the world anew, with laughter breaking forth all over,

Cascades of shimmering joy and meaning.

Come dear friend

Let us hold each other gently.You in me and I in thee

And let the paths of life walk through.

Brother sun and sister river sound

Mother, father,

We are the pathways, reaching up to bless all tender feet,so tentative

so wanting deep to know their tread secure

Walking this path creating.

Pathing this . . .a walkway.

Creation,dancing all over.

Come my blessed,

Breathe with me the mystery of stillness.

Walking through the glades of light and shade

We offer beauty

Pouring forth continuous,

Nourishing the world.

by Tarchin Hearn

From: Walking in Wisdom by Tarchin Hearn (www.greendharmatreasury.org)


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  1. Walking in Silence in me with me and as He says I am always walking with you ever silently besides you, behind you in front of you and am You. Just feel my presence walking with you, in you. This was marvelous and it touched my heart, Amira. I felt as if I am there in the quietness of a Monk walking and walking.

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    1. Oh what a beautiful comment dear Kamal. Your description made me feel as well, the silence and peace of that walk through nature. Thank you dear friend! ❤


      1. So true and hope we could walk like that one day giving up everything and simply walking with His grace and love. Welcome so much.

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  2. LindaP says:

    There is something so sacred and serene in walking with nature! So looking for to spring so I can start my walking again! Love and blessings,Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! It’s time for the winter to say good bye now, and let Spring come forward! I also find the peace of nature so uplifting! Love and blessings back! ❤


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