LOVE POEMS: “ST. VALENTINE’S DAY” by Edgar Albert Guest



Let loose the sails of love and let them fill

 With breezes sweet with tenderness to-day;

 Scorn not the praises youthful lovers say;

Romance is old, but it is lovely still.

 Not he who shows his love deserves the jeer,

 But he who speaks not what she longs to hear.

There is no shame in love’s devoted speech;

 Man need not blush his tenderness to show;

 ’Tis shame to love and never let her know,

To keep his heart forever out of reach.

 Not he the fool who lets his love go on,

 But he who spurns it when his love is won.

Men proudly vaunt their love of gold and fame,

 High station and accomplishments of skill,

 Yet of life’s greatest conquest they are still,

And deem it weakness, or an act of shame,

 To seem to place high value on the love

 Which first of all they should be proudest of.

Let loose the sails of love and let them take

 The tender breezes till the day be spent;

 Only the fool chokes out life’s sentiment.

She is a prize too lovely to forsake.

 Be not ashamed to send your valentine;

 She has your love, but needs its outward sign.

by Edgar Albert Guest

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  1. I have been looking for his poems!!! Especially the one about if he was blind he wouldn’t know if he was in a church or synagogue…

    Wow! I love this! ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. Oh I also love this poet! I have several of his poems in my blog, just do a search with is name. I don’t recall if I have the one you mentioned…

      Liked by 1 person

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