A quote from Neale Donald Walsch about “our mistakes”


You are a pure child of God, beautiful in your innocence —
and that this is true no matter what you may have done.


There is no offense you could ever commit that can rob you of your

magnificence, or of the wonder of who you are. Who among us hasn’t

fallen from the path, betrayed another,
acted unwisely, fallen prey to temptation,
given in to a craving or addiction?

All of us are human. And in God’s eyes that makes us perfect.

Really. Just the way we are. Like 3-year-olds, looking anxiously

up at some elder, wondering with quivering lips whether we’ll get

a spanking for breaking the rules…

The 3-year-old is beautiful in her innocence. He is pure as snow,

and there is simply something that has not been totally understood,

or fully integrated into behavior yet. It’s okay. We don’t mean to

be “bad.” And in truth, we aren’t. Not a one of us.

We’re simply, sometimes, mistaken. And God loves us anyway.

Immensely. Completely. Eternally.

Just    as    we    are.

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  1. Beautiful! ❤️🦋🌀


    1. I am glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 ❤ Let's get rid of that heavy duty guilt we carry around! 🙂

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  2. Sommer Bauer says:

    Conversations with God was one of the first books I ever read in spiritual development (back in the 90’s!). I really connected with the no-more-guilt idea! I always felt/knew that God is love — that we are all love : )


    1. Yes I agree Sommer, I always had a hard time with certain parts of the Bible where God is described as vindictive, punishing, and even cruel… I always felt that God is pure Love, unconditional Love, and that we are all equally loved,

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      1. Sommer Bauer says:

        Hi there! Sorry, I’m just now seeing your comment. I’m new here and still figuring things out ; )

        I totally agree! Even as a small child, I just never believed the Bible’s scary stuff — just didn’t make any sense. Why would a loving God create us so that we are “fallible” and then threaten us with punishment for being the way that he made us? I know that there are all kinds of rationales out there to explain our choice to be “good” or “bad” etc., but just doesn’t resonate with me. I like the love, love, pure love theory! ; ) No scary punishments for our failures, just the opportunity to learn and experience more love!


        1. Oh no worries Sommer! You’ll be a pro in no time 🙂
          Sometimes, I don’t even get notifications when I get a comment and miss them altogether!
          Yes, I agree with you. We can be so gentle and understanding with a child or a pet, how can we expect that God would be a punishing and demand adoration from us… we were given free will to grow and learn from our mistakes, just like we allow children to grow and learn, with love and kindness. How can a God have “chosen” (favorites) people, and send the plagues to the others… aren’t we all equally created by the same source?

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          1. Sommer Bauer says:

            Gosh, sounds like you have such a gentle, loving heart. I think I was meant to read your comment this morning. I have a two year old little boy and a one and a half year old puppy. They both deserve all the patience, understanding, and freedom to grow that I can muster for them! It’s challenging at times, but isn’t that the way I would want to be treated?

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          2. Oh wow Sommer! You must have your hands full! Yes, I agree with you, it takes a lot of patience and understanding, especially when our lives get so busy… However, time is precious and passes very quickly. You will see how fast they grow. The bond that is formed with a mother, our first contact with another person in this complex world, the person we can always trust and depend on, is one of the greatest treasures in our lives. Although it may not always seem that way, what you are doing as a mom, is the greatest gift you can ever give!!! Take time to enjoy those precious moments, because they pass too fast 🙂 ❤


  3. LindaP says:

    Beautiful poem!

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