“Belonging” by Lauren @ Secret Garden Creative (re-blogged)

What a beautiful experience dear Lauren, this truly demonstrates that it does not have to be a utopia, that living harmoniously with love and respect with others is totally possible! This is a beautiful example of hope!!!! ❤

Secret Garden Creative

This past weekend, I was invited to participate in some sacred ceremonies belonging to another culture. I was welcomed into something I have very little understanding of and held there, supported. I was included. It was a situation where I could easily have been held at a distance, left to observe. But I was drawn in, arms open.

All week I have been thinking about this experience. Truthfully, seeing things I have never seen before, I feel changed. Make no mistake, this isn’t a glorification of something I don’t entirely understand, but a deep gratitude for being included in a way that I felt genuine belonging in a space that does not belong to me. Inclusiveness is tremendously powerful. Not only is it acknowledgement and acceptance, it is love.

Our societies are rife with division and judgment. In so many spaces we are included only if we meet specific criteria…

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  1. Yes so true, Amira and it is so nice to see when we are accepted in societies with abundance of joy and happiness.

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    1. That is so true dear friend! I have also been on the other side, and I know how lonely it can feel…

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      1. Yes absolutely true and I think we all humans have to go thru this life, Amira cause this life is only an illusion where there is duality. The Soul is untarnished and One withe the Oneness.

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        1. Yes, I think that is why sometimes we miss feeling that Oneness, we crave feeling that infinite love, because we are in this illusion of separation and miss our true nature…

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          1. Yes so true and for sure we crave for this infinite love.

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  2. Margaret says:

    Sounds a lovely experience.
    Whenever I visit The Gambia I feel humbled and priveleged to be included st meal times. whenever passing locals, usually workers in lunch break eating lunch sat on the ground around a bowl of food they shout ‘come and join us’.

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    1. Oh wow! That sounds so special! It’s really moving to see how friendly and hospitable people can be, and share whatever they have with open arms….If we all followed that example, our world would be a paradise! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience!

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  3. Margaret says:

    You’re welcome Amira and them having so little themselves. I suppose I identify very much with that country as both my parents were irish. So many similarities of Ireland of my childhood when on holiday at mum’s homestead. Whatever food was available was freely shared ❤️

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    1. Yes, sometimes the people that have the least, have the biggest hearts and share whatever they have freely.. I think that much of that was lost when we became a more materialistic society running the consumer’s race…and losing sight of what truly matters most in the process…

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  4. Margaret says:

    Definitely Amira 🙂

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