Spirituality from Daily Word: “One Power”


One Power

I live in an awareness that I am one with the One.

It is freeing to realize that I alone decide what kind of day I am going to have, and through that decision, what kind of life I will experience. I begin by becoming aware, moment by moment, of the thoughts I am entertaining in my mind. Although I may experience random thoughts, I choose which of these thoughts I will continue to feed and nurture, and I focus on the positive ones.

My attention is firmly fixed on the one power that is good, the one power that is God. I set my attention on only helpful, harmonious, and loving thoughts and attitudes. There is only one power that I choose to empower in my life—God!



Un poder


Vivo consciente de que yo soy uno con el Uno.

Es liberador saber que soy yo quien decide qué tipo de día voy a tener y, a través de las decisiones que tomo, qué tipo de vida voy a disfrutar. Comienzo por estar consciente, momento a momento, de los pensamientos que mantengo en mi mente. Aunque puede que no elija conscientemente un pensamiento que aparece en mi mente de improviso, elijo ejercitar dominio sobre cuáles pensamientos continuaré sustentando y fomentando.Mi atención está firmemente fija en el único poder que es bueno, el único poder que es Dios. Mantengo mi enfoque sólo en actitudes y pensamientos buenos, útiles, armoniosos y amorosos. Sólo existe un poder al cual doy autoridad en mi vida: ¡Dios! Vivo consciente de que yo soy uno con el Uno.




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  1. LindaP says:

    Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right.Think of things that are pure and lovely,and dwell on the fine good things in others.Think about all you can praise God for and be glad about,and the God of peace will be with you! { Phil.4:8} Love and prayers,Linda.

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    1. Beautiful complement to this article dear Linda! Thank you so much for your contribution!!!<3


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