On the Law of Attraction : “A Different Question to Ask to Manifest Your Desires” by Power of PIES (re-blogged)

A great post on really asking the right questions and learning what we truly want in life and why.

Power of PIES

If you are somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction and manifesting your desires, you most likely have learned the right question to ask and the ones not to ask. For example, we are told to ask and answer the question “what”? What is it exactly that we want to manifest? We are told to not ask the question “how”? When we focus on how our desire is going to manifest, we lose focus, begin to doubt, and drastically slow the process of manifesting our desire.

As I’ve studied this topic further, I been advised to consider a different question. That question is “why”? Why do we want what we want? It’s a great question to ask. I say that because it keeps us focused on the real reasons we want what we want. If you want a million dollars, why? It’s probably because you would have the freedom to…

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  1. My dear friend Amria,

    The reason behind all desires or wishes is that we want to get some happiness, but unfortunately this happiness does not last long and so our mind is running from wish to wish or from desire to desire. It is an act of trying to copy our soul – as our soul has permanent happiness, but cannot be perceived as our mind is inbetweent the sun and the soul as permanent clouds. That is why wise people let us know: “be wishless” – means we do not attach us to these things – once we are attached we become slaves to it as Nietzsche has put it: “They are possessed by their possession…” – all unfilled wishes will bring us back into the wheel of coming and going. So we have to live in this world like observers, to be in this world, but not from this world…

    Thank you very much, dear Amira 🙂
    All the best my friend

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    1. That is so true dear Didi! We all go through stages, even in our own lives, slowly learning and realizing what truly matters. It’s a good start to question ourselves to become more aware. The ultimate goal of course, in the path of wisdom following the example of great sages which is to practice non-attachment and eventually become “wishless”. As the Buddha taught attachment or clinging & grasping is the root of all the suffering. Thank you so much dear friend for your valuable wise contributions! ❤ 🙂 In Oneness, Amira

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      1. Welcome, dear Amira 🙂
        Yes, and the developed wise men have shown us one thing: how to live in this world – if we follow their footprints, we adopt the same colour, become as they are.

        In Oness from heart to heart

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