POEMS: “Solstice Liberation” by Mystic Meandering

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Photo credit: Nasa This Hubble image shows the globular cluster Messier 69, also known as NGC 6637, which is located 29,700 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius.


“Solstice Liberation”

We are the grace of Love fulfilled,

the shimmer of Sacred Light,

lustrous uniqueness in a field of

multitudinal Divine Shimmers

~ autonomous, yet in glittering Oneness.

We are the twinkle of liberated luminosity

radiating from the Heart Pulse of Love fulfilled

within the Stream of Life, in continuous unfoldment.

We are created, and create, from the glowing embers

of the magical furnace of Love’s Fire…

Receive the molten flow of golden translucence

that forms you in the fire of Divine Love.

Let it infuse you in every micron of consciousness

~ the Spirit of Golden Love Light turned fluid,

flowing incessantly from the Primordial Heart.

Receive Love’s Presence, and Love’s presents:

Grace, Freedom, Flow, Truth, Wisdom,

Light and Love —–

Love of Love…

Love experiencing Itself as Love

in every breath,

in every Self-created form…

Mystic Meandering


Winter Solstice

December 21, 2001

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