Spirituality from Daily Word: “Divine Order”( De la Palabra Diaria: “Orden Divino”)


Divine Order

My life is in perfect order and all is well.

There are times when I need a reminder that all is in divine order, particularly if circumstances seem to indicate otherwise. When viewed from a higher perspective, divine order reveals itself in any situation.

The affirmation divine order contains the seed thought of healing, prosperity, harmony, guidance, and right outcomes. It is the essence of all that I could ever desire or need. With it, lost items have been found, tangled circumstances have worked out in grace, misunderstandings have resulted in peace.

I immerse myself in the life and energy of these two words: divine order. I feel myself becoming absorbed in their healing vibration. As I relax, I find the realization that all is well. My life is in perfect order and all is well.

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Photo credit: “Flower of Life Sacred Geometry”

Orden divino


Mi vida está en orden perfecto y todo está bien.

A veces necesitamos un recordatorio de que todo está en orden divino, particularmente si las circunstancias parecen indicar lo contrario. Al mirar desde una perspectiva más elevada, el orden divino se revela.

La afirmación orden divino encierra la semilla para la curación, la prosperidad, la armonía, la guía y los resultados correctos. Es la esencia de todo lo que podría desear o necesitar. Con él, cosas perdidas son halladas, circunstancias complejas se resuelven con gracia, malos entendidos resultan en paz.

Me sumerjo en la vida y energía de estas dos palabras: orden divino. Estoy absorto en su vibración sanadora. Al descansar, encuentro la comprensión de que todo marcha como debe. Mi vida está en orden perfecto y todo está bien.

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  1. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder Amira.. I used to have a sticker on the edge of my computer screen with the words ‘Divine Timing’ on it, and these beautiful words have prompted me to do replace it…. must be Divine Timing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that is wonderful to hear dear friend! Yes, and we have both experienced a lot of Divine timing synchronicities! Divine order comfort us so we can just let go and trust… ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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