POEMS: “We are”… by Didi (re-blogged)

Another beautiful poem from Didi!

Didis Art Design

We are like streets:
Crossing each other

Like mountains, valleys:
Kissing the sky

We are like seas:
Wobbling on waves

Are like flowers:
Blossom and wither

Are like clouds:
Passing by time and space

We are like suns:
Giving light and warmth

Like nights:
Dark and bizarre

Are like fish:
Swimming in water, searching for it

We are like birds:
Screeching through universes

Are death and life:
Wandering Eternity

Are golden stars:
Dream and reality

Are a dream within a dream:
Yearning for awakening

Are united souls:
In the Ether of love and happiness

Have Forgotten our light…

DidiArtist, 29.12.2018

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  1. Beautiful words so well composed by Didi, Amira and we r all connected and are all in the beauty of life.

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    1. Thank you dear Kamal! Yes, this Oneness is always reflected in Didi’s beautiful poems. I love this! ❤


      1. Yes Didi is a good poet and writes beautifully. Welcome

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