POEMS: “The Inward Pull” by Mystic Meandering


The Inward Pull

There is an intimacy of the Heart in turning inward,
following the pull of “The Silence”
that is hauntingly

A magnetic pull of
“The Mystery”
from within,
pulling ItSelf back to ItSelf…

In fluidity of being one feels suspended
in an endless depth and breadth,
fullness and emptiness,
all at the same time;
noticing a subtle movement of awareness
aware-ing everything at once…

Collapsing into the Cosmic waves of Pure Being,
into Existence prior to manifestation,
everything within softens and opens,
like a delicate flower,
including the body,
touched by a subtle
rhythmic caress
the Unknown
~ breathing ~
~ embracing ~

surrounding and filling;
unwinding contractions
of body and mind.

There is a sanity in this Cosmic Silence

that bestows a soundness of Heart through Grace
that is beyond polarization…

In this deeper Rhythm within
one loses a sense of “self.”
Conflict and chaos dissolve,
becoming “The Silence” ~

breathing ItSelf…

The Breath of the Infinite

The Whisper of Love

Mystic Meandering
March 1, 2017

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  1. Oh what an ethereal poem, Amira and mystical till the very end. I loved every soulful words and the picture was perfect.


    1. Dear Kamal, I love the words you used to describe this poem, it is truly “ethereal” and “soulful”! Thank you dear friend for your lovely contributions and comments! ❤


      1. Welcome always dear Amira. Beautiful and soulful it sure was.

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  2. LindaP says:


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