“WITHOUT STRINGS” by Scribe for Love, truth and Peace (re-blogged)

True generosity is giving from the heart, with no strings… the gift is the giving! Beautiful!


Sui Dynasty Chinese Painting by Zhan Ziqian

Artful Writing

“Giving Without Strings”

An old master went from India to China to see the emperor, who was already a Buddhist.  The emperor said to the Zen master:

“I have built temples, put up pagodas, and started monasteries.  What is my reward?

And the master replied:

“You don’t get any.  There’s no reward for you.”

The emperor was all shook up, thought about it, and after a while realized what was meant.

If you need something else as a reward, your giving is a fiction.

from The Springs of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

…now, that’s a ‘soulful’ story…to contemplate…

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