POEMS; “One Symphony” by Mystic Meandering

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“One Symphony”

The Cosmos plays a continuous
Symphony of Silence
that only Inner Stillness can hear…

We have forgotten the music of the
Celestial Songs
that sound the stellar light language of

Our remembrance lies hidden deep in
the cave of the Heart – untouched…
The unspoken language of the Heart
longs to be opened – awakened…
The dormant vibration calls to us,
to resonate with the tones of Creation
in the Space where Silence sings ~
in unified expressions with
All That Is…

Listen deeply and hear
the Celestial Symphony
within the Stillness
of the Heart…

Follow the pulsing sound
into the Vastness
of Silence…

Find your resonance
with the Rhythm
in your Heart

~ and know ~

We are all a tone of Love
playing our uniqueness in the
Chord of Life,
reverberating with
The Sound of Source…

Mystic Meandering

Aug. 1, 2001

Posted with permission from the author @  https://mysticmeandering.blogspot.com/

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