POEMS: “Return To Stillness” by Mystic Meandering


Return To Stillness

Return to the consciousness
of Stillness that speaks through
the Heart from the in-between
spaces in the Celestial Ocean
of Creation…

Stillness expresses through
vibration, through resonance,
in and through the inner Heart
~ the Inner Being…

Quiet the mind and the heart
of thoughts, of emotions, of pain,
of struggle, and just listen…

Reach deeply into the
Stillness of pre-creation
~ the Primordial Space ~
and allow it to permeate you,
to thrive in you…

Be at one with Stillness,
with Sacred Silence,
where the seeds of luminescent
Love form and expand,
through ripples of pure
Innocence, reverberating in a
pool of Stillness…

Allow Stillness to emerge from
Its place of solitude in the womb
of the Heart; from Its sanctuary
of wholeness, and give it voice…

Allow Stillness to be your Truth,
and Truth your Stillness…

October 2001

by Mystic Meandering


Posted with permission from the author

 @ https://mysticmeandering.blogspot.com

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    1. Thank you so much dear Linda! ❤


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