“Inscribing” by Lauren (re-blogged)

Such an inspiring post dear Lauren! We do have an impact on everything we do, and the consumer choices we make that can affect our environment in ways we don’t even imagine, our words, thoughts and actions can touch others in so many ways… Truly to become more mindful and aware each day is a priority especially now, that we are so detached from living in harmony with nature, we need this more than ever!

Secret Garden Creative

033Don’t look to others to give you happiness. Grow it within yourself and share it with the world around you. Bets are, if you give a bit of your happiness to the world, it will begin a ripple effect, and who knows how many other people you can help. It’s never too late to decide that your happiness (or whatever it is that you want) is yours to create and not the other way around.
― Leigh Hershkovich

We are always inscribing, each action carving our existence in and around the spaces we embody. I cleaned my refrigerator out a couple of weeks ago and was kind of amazed at the story that unraveled in the inanimate. I grow a lot of my own food and purchase the bulk of the rest from local farmers during our growing season. For the rest of the year, we eat what we can…

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  1. A great read and I so agree with the quote by Leigh. Why must we search for outside happiness and from others when we can bring it from within and be satisfied in life. What have we not be given by our Lord. Beautiful post, Amira.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! You are so right, we always look outside, when inside we are so rich!!! ❤

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