“How to Become a Millionaire Instantly” (re-blogged) by Joe from “Power of PIES” (Prayer, Imagination, Emotion, Starting Now)

A super- inspirational post! It also made me realize how very abundantly blessed we are each day, all we need to do is pay attention, and start our gratitude practice 🙂 Thank you for a beautiful post!

Power of PIES

They say “Love is more precious than gold”
Can’t be bought and it can’t be sold
I got love enough to spare
That makes me a millionaire

Chris Stapleton

I heard this song the other day, as I have many other days. However, this was the first time where I truly listened to the lyrics and made the connection to the message of the song. It says that it’s not gold, silver, or dollars that really makes us millionaires. Instead, it’s an abundance of love and great relationships that really makes us rich.

We would all love to have more money in our lives. However, taking from the message of this song, let us not focus on how we can bring more currency into our lives. Let us focus instead on that abundant love of God that inhabits all people and things. Let us appreciate the good we have, and…

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  1. simplywendi says:

    thank you for reposting this!

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    1. Oh i was my pleasure! 🙂

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  2. Love that is more precious than gold and it sure makes us millionaires. Awesome words of wisdom and thanks for reblogging, Amira. Lovely post.

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    1. Thank you dear Kamal I agree! Sometimes we need a reminder to realize how very blessed we are! ❤

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      1. Yes so true, Amira. Welcome dear.

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  3. Trina Graves says:

    Thank you for sharing this Amira, I’m rather behind in reading the posts from all the wonderful blogs I now follow (thanks to you!) but I always start with yours first. 🙂 This was a real gem for me as it clarified something, that I already knew, but this post just hit the spot! Thanks again. ❤


    1. Oh what a great honor dear Trina! I am so glad you are enjoying them as well. ❤
      Like you I am behind now with emails, books, and everything else, the more blogs that I find that I enjoy following 🙂

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