POEMS: “Why English is hard to learn?” (funny)


We’ll begin with box; the plural is boxes,

but the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes.

One fowl is a goose, and two are called geese,

yet the plural of moose is never called meese.


You may found a lone mouse or a house full of mice;

but the plural of house is houses, not hice.

The plural of man is men,

but the plural of pan is never pen.


If I speak of a foot, and you show me two feet,

and I give you a book, would a pair be a beek?

If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth,

why shouldn’t two booths be called beeth?


If the singular’s this and the plural is these,

should the plural of kiss be ever called keese?


We speak of a brother and also of brethren,

but though we say mother, we never say methren.

Then the masculine pronouns are he, his and him;

but imagine the feminine… she, shis, and shim!

(Author unknown)

A funny language…

An oxymoron is usually defined as a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are brought together:

  1. clearly misunderstood
  2. act naturally
  3. exact estimate
  4. found missing
  5. small crowd
  6. fully empty
  7. pretty ugly
  8. seriously funny
  9. only choice
  10. original copies



5 Comments Add yours

  1. wnm2017 says:

    I’ll have the Jumbo Shrimp! – Forest Gump!


  2. I enjoyed the poem..


  3. Thank you so much Nikesh! I appreciate your feedback 😉


  4. LindaP says:

    When you think of it the English language really is crazy! Why does the word knife have to have a K just to confuse everyone?


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