FUNNY STORIES: “Seeking medical advice for the holidays”

“Seeking medical advice for the holidays”

Life is so busy , especially during the holidays, so chaotic! I just can’t take it anymore. At home everything is everywhere, nobody has time for anything. It’s a complete mess. I think I will go mad. ‘ I said to the doctor. The doctor looked at me and said:

“Buy a goat”.


I stared and said; What?.. the doctor interrupted me and said with a firm voice, buy a goat.

-Hmm okay I thought , the doctor probably knows something that I don’t know, so I bought a goat.


Terrible, terrible times! The goat didn’t want to stay outside, so it was running around inside our house. It was eating up my children’s homework and toys, my partner got a cold  that didn’t want to go away.


Somebody had to stay at home trying to save our furniture. After two weeks I thought this is stupid! I am going back to that crazy doctor and say some well chosen words.

When I arrived I looked the doctor straight in the eyes and said  – ‘Everything is chaos, I can’t take it anymore.’

The doctor said  -‘I know what you need to do, sell the goat!  I nearly fainted, but it was a good idea. So we did.

What a difference. Everything got so easy, there was peace in our house, happiness and joy!





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  1. Hahahaha so cute and funny story, Amira. First there was so much chaos because of Christmas and then the goat came and more chaos. Nice pictures and such a little cute darling she is.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Kamal! It’ a joy to hear you laugh, and so glad it brought a smile for you today!!! 🙂 ❤

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      1. Yes dear Amira and I love to laugh and smile cause what other thing do you want instead of being sulky and having a garlic face. Smiles to you too.

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        1. I love the “garlic face” description! You made me laugh, it’s just perfect! LOL 🙂

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          1. Hahaha but isn’t that true Amira if you see majority of people and observe them they all have such faces hardly anyone has a happy face.

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          2. LOL! Yes you are absolutely right dear friend! I love the “visual image” of the garlic face 🙂

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          3. So true, Amira and even I can virtually imagine people like that.

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