TO DO… OR… TO BE? (Spirituality)



To be is often crowded out by to do.

To do the dishes, to do the washing, to do the lawn.

To do is so loud, so active, so high energy,

that to be is often forgotten…


Life becomes meaningless acts of to do without to be.

To be quiet, to be with self,

to be with Spirit, to be with God.


To be gives great meaning to life.

To be is the connection with a greater spirit.

To be gives hope, serenity and joy.


by Patricia Walter

Used with permission from the author :

If you enjoyed this poem, you will enjoy visiting her website!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Right…

    We are so busy doing that we don’t have any time to just be, to become… to even ask ourselves if what we’re doing is helping us become who we want to be.


    1. Yes, sometimes it’s a challenge making the time to “just be”, guilt free! But is so important to make the time…

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