ZEN STORIES: “Is that so?”…


“Is that so?”


There was a zen master who enjoyed a good reputation in his community. One day the neighbors came to his door enraged and furious, accusing him of having fathered the child that their teenager was about to bear.

The zen master said: “Is That So”? The rumors ran wild and the master lost his reputation. A few months later the child was born and the baby was brought to the zen master, who accepted and cared for him or her.

A year later the daughter of the neighbors admitted that the father was actually the butcher of the town. The parents, mortified, went back to the Zen master’s house and confessed, apologized and asked for the child back. The zen master said: Is that so? – then returned the baby.


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  1. Beautiful post shared thank you! Love reading all your inspiring posts

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    1. Oh thank you so much dear friend Tanvir! You made my day! That is my only wish to inspire others each day! 🙂 ❤

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