POEMS: “My Mom”


“My Mom”


You always seem to know what is wrong,

before I have to say

you seem to know what is on my mind

or if I ‘m down that day.

I never have to ask for help,

you are always there to guide me,

if at times I need support,

you are always right beside me.

You’ve been my rock throughout my life,

wanting nothing in return,

you’ve made me who I am today,

helping me to grow and learn.

Thank you will never be enough,

for everything you’ve done.

You are my friend , my counselor,

my Guardian Angel,

but most importantly…


(Author unknown)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. bonang maunge says:

    thank you so much for creating words on how to thank my mom you have the exect words on how to describe the love i have for my mother. thank you


    1. I am so glad to hear that this poem inspired you to describe and express your love for your mom! Mom’s are one of the greatest gifts in our lives!


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