LEARNING FROM NATURE POEMS: “Wind and rain” by Margaret Jang

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“Wind and Rain”

The trees are shaking to their roots, as the wind howls about,
skirting through every branch, it seems to want to shout.
Look at me, feel my power, see the damage I do,
I can be blustery shaking with rage, or calm and gentle too.

The wind and rain brews a storm to spill over river banks,
creating floods to destroy what was once revered with thanks.
Too often nature’s beauty is ignored until too late,
it’s destroyed within a heart beat, wiped right off the slate.

And with the chill of winter trapped in this rainy breeze,
it won’t be long before the ground is tight within a freeze.
A season bitter cold, but is refreshing with delight,
it brings many pleasures, each a spectacular sight.

But as you hear the deafening sound of nature at its worst,
No doubt you fear or maybe think you’re not blessed, but being cursed.
But this is Mother Nature’s way to remind you to enjoy,
avoid the trap of getting stuck or living without joy.

Live each day as if it were just like the wind and rain,
always learn, always search; and never stay the same.
For if you watch the wind and rain move the clouds ahead,
all the old and all the past is what it wants to shed.

So take this cue to observe what takes place outside,
feel the freshness in the air and let this be your guide.
The wind and rain always brings a new energy to behold,
that stimulates new growth, with fresh nourishment for your soul.

Margaret Jang

Posted with permission from the author


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