FUNNY STORIES: “Affection distorts perception”

“Affection distorts perception”


Affection distorts the perception. The Master used to talk about it often. One day his students got an amazing example, proving those words. They heard  the Master talking  to one of the student’s  mother.

– How is your daughter? he asked.

– My dear daughter! She is so happy. She has a wonderful husband! He gave her a house, bought her jewellery that she dreamed about, hired servants for her. They serve her breakfast in bed, and she stays in bed until noon. He’s not a husband, but a prize!

– And how’s your son?

– Oh, my poor boy! He married a real grouch! He gave her everything that she wanted: a house, jewellery, an army of servants. And she is lying in bed until noon! And doesn’t even get up to make breakfast for her husband!

(Author unknown)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I liked this -You do a grand job with quotes! thank you!


  2. LindaP says:

    How true about perception! Loved it!


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