POEMS: “Spirit of One” by Margaret Jang

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Spirit of One

When your body withers and dies away,
your soul moves forward in time and space.
This place is not the twilight zone,
this is really your spiritual home.

You may wonder where you go when you die,
some think to hell or heaven up high.
Truly we know as spirit of one,
sooner or later you all will come.

You’ll stay to rest from your travels abroad,
to meet in the temples of your god.
Your god, the creator for all that exists,
is an energy force like a great abyss.

During your rest, you’ll survey what you learned,
your soul’s progress and what you earned.
You can also decide to return once more,
to finish a job or increase your score.

Wherever you are you can still connect,
through dreams or a medium more direct.
And you can be sure you are not alone,
your channel is open just like a phone.

But first, you must adjust your mind,
before tuning into this line.
You might hear static, a buzz or a hum,
the vibration is higher where we are from.

To be sure, we try our very best
to put your heart and mind at rest.
We will speak to you in many ways;
if you’re not ready it remains but a haze.

To understand the spirit of one,
you must go within to become
a soul seeking to transcend,
an energy source that never ends.

Then you will see a light so bright,
at the end of a tunnel black as night.
Continue onward to its source,
so you can connect to a greater force.

And once you reach this destination,
you will have no hesitation.
To really believe in the spirit of one,
for this is where you all come from.

Margaret Jang

Posted with permission from the author


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