SHAMANIC SERIES Learning from animals Haiku Poems: “Deer” (Series chamánicas aprendiendo de los animales Haiku: “Ciervo”)

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Can move and change directions quickly, and grow new antlers.


Haiku: Symbols


Innocent, gentle

Vigilant, sensitive, sweet,

Sacrifice and love.




-Be gentle with self & all

– refine your intuition,

-Live from the heart: Love!


(Also: get in touch with your inner child, regeneration, trust instincts to get out of tricky situations, and Reverse patterns of old thoughts or behaviors that no longer serve you)



  • Let me know what animal shows up in your life, or in your dreams, or your favorite animal, and I will try to do a Haiku poem in your honor.



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 Related image


Puede moverse y cambiar de dirección rápidamente, y crecer nuevas astas.


Símbolos Haiku:


Inocente, gentil

Vigilante, sensible, dulce,

Sacrificio y amor.




-Sé amable contigo mismo (y con todos)

– refina tu intuición,

-Vive desde el corazón: áma!


(También: pónte en contacto con tu niño interior, regeneración, tén confianza en tu instinto para salir de situaciones difíciles, e Invierte los patrones de viejos pensamientos o comportamientos que ya no te sirven)



  • (Déjame saber qué animal aparece en tu vida, o en tus sueños, o tu animal favorito, e intentaré hacer un poema Haiku en tu honor.)

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Image result for image deer mom baby face

Related image

Image result for image deer mom baby face


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Trina Graves says:

    Lovely poem and pictures ❤


  2. leegschrift says:

    I am a deer of sign.


    1. Oh how wonderful!!!! Did you find any of these qualities also apply in your life? I am super interested in hearing if you can relate with any of the symbolic meanings of the deer totem. Thank you for your comments dear friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. LindaP says:

    Beautiful poem and pictures!


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