SPIRITUAL POEMS: “Amber” by Alan

This poem was inspired by Roger Zelazny’s, book series, ‘The Chronicles of Amber,’ where Amber is the one true  world from which the remaining ‘shadow’ worlds, such as Earth, are cast as reflections. Those of royal blood in  Amber can travel into the various spun-off ‘shadow’ worlds after walking the Pattern central to Amber. My poem piggy-backs on the concept of this not being our true home, and that our heritage is ever so much greater once we realize our God-nature to escape the round of incarnations. To those not familiar with it, ‘amrita’ is a Hindu word for immortality. It is also the nectar drunk by the devas, beings of light. Each of us is an immortal soul, destined, after the round of births and deaths, to return to our true Home in God.


Photo credit: Artist Rassouli @ http://www.Rassouli.com


Exiles in a shadow world,
We wander amongst shapes
Illusorily twirled.
Why did we leave the angel’s abode
To travel down the dark road?

How long must we roam
Playing with delusion’s lure
Far from ancient Amber,
Our Eternal Home?

O Amber, we long for thee!
We would walk thy Pattern of Perfection
And taste the amrita of resurrection.
When, O when, will you set us free?


(Posted with permission from the author)

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    1. Oh thank you!!! Sending love and light your way, Amira ❤

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